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Updated: July 10, 2017

Skip straight to “Start your DNA Search Today!” for the most in depth, user friendly starters guide available for free anywhere online! Try “Tricks of the Trade” for an intermediate tutorial.

I have been involved in solving both traditional adoption search and DNA adoption cases since 2004. My work started with my very own case! I was born in the “closed records” adoption era in 1978 so, really had next to no information to help in my search. However, I found my birthmother after an extensive traditional search starting in the late 1990’s, before the advent of DNA testing like we have today and later found my birthfather through meticulously studying autosomal DNA methodology and applying what I learned to my own case. Since then, I have worked as a search angel on partial cases and on full cases start to finish successfully helping dozens of adoptees find their unknown natural mothers, fathers, siblings and extended families.

I now offer professional adoption and unknown parentage consultation and research services.

Genetic genealogy and family history research are a passion of mine and I would love to help you know your genealogy by unlocking the mystery of your unknown parentage and adoption

Did you know that thousands of domestic adoptees and donor conceived individuals are now testing at all 3 major DNA databases, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), 23andme, and Ancestry.com in their droves to find their families? That’s right! More and more are successfully solving their natural identity and unknown parentage mysteries through DNA testing.

My 1x Great Grandfather-in-law, Frank Orchison Lyell Farquharson and his two youngest sisters Caroline and Sophia. Frank was a 2nd generation estate gamekeeper for the family of Sir Charles Lyell and later a gamekeeper for the Earl of Camperdown at Camperdown Estate in Angus, Scotland. Photo c. 1895.
Some adoptees are very lucky and the first DNA test they take, their results show that they have close relative DNA matches already in the database and have solved their case simply by testing! Fantastic, right? The DNA databases are expanding so quickly just now that it is possible you too may have a close relative in these databases waiting to be found.

I recommend to every adoptee, donor conceived individual and others who have unknown parentage due to family secrets to start their search by DNA testing today! This is one of the best places to start searching!

However, the vast majority of us that are searching for lost family aren’t as lucky as those few who do find close relatives already waiting in the DNA databases. But, we all likely do have varying degrees of 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins in these databases. These more distant relatives are the key to unlocking your adoption mystery!

Search angels, genetic genealogists and DNA experts have devised a methodology in recent years to solve the mystery of the genetic links in our DNA that tie us to our close and distant genetic cousins.

I encourage everyone who is planning a search to first visit my page, “Start your DNA Search Today!” for an indepth instructional on all things DNA from choosing which tests to take to starting your study of the methodology used. It gives a very good idea just how this search method is used to find birthmothers, birthfathers, siblings and extended family.

Not every case is the same… far from it! Many factors can play into how fast a case can be solved and the majority of cases can take quite a bit of time and effort to solve successfully. For a beginner into the world of DNA adoption and unknown parentage searches, expect to take time to study and learn the methodology here and at other sites plus learn many other techniques and search strategies to successfully solve your case. You will find that the pages on my website are littered with tips and tricks that I have learned. This site is still a work and progress and I am going to eventually try to include as many tips and tricks I’ve learned as I can. These little tips and tricks are the ones that I wish I could have had outlined to me in an in depth website when I started out. That is just what I am going to try to do here! Much of what I am going to be posting here are the most commonly asked questions daily to adoptees on various groups which has in part spawned the idea to create this website!

So, keep checking back for updates!

I always first and foremost encourage all adoptees and others with unknown parentage to attempt to solve their own case. As an adoptee myself, I found that solving the identity of my birthparents to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! There is nothing I love more than to watch other adoptees in the forums and groups successfully find their families as well!

If you have found this page because you have heard about DNA adoption success stories or maybe you’re in the middle of your search already and are looking for help in your case…. perhaps you might some tips and tricks here that might help you!

Please read all the pages here to learn how you can start your own search with DNA testing!

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